Friday, April 27, 2007

Frugal Friday - Homemade Yogurt

Five years ago I bought a Yogourmet Yogurt Maker to make my own yogurt. I like our family to eat organic yogurt when possible, and to buy a quart container can cost $3.50 or more. It is hard to find on sale as well. To buy a gallon of organic milk costs me $5.00. So If I am doing my math right, (it is early so I am probably messing this up, but I think it is right) a quart of yogurt costs me $1.25 to make from buying my own milk. It actually costs a little more because I add non-instant milk powder to thicken it. It is good, it tastes like Greek Yogurt, nice and thick and creamy.

When I got the Yogourmet maker is costs me $40 new. I think I saved that in the first 8 months or so. Another great feature is that I don't have to worry about how to recycle all those extra containers (we eat a lot of yogurt). For more Frugal Friday visit Biblical Womanhood.


Mrs. U said...

Oh I am SOOOOOOOO glad that you shared this!!! We buy yogurt like crazy and I've been looking into making my own. I have known about yogurt makers but don't know anyone that has one so I didn't know which brand was good. I am DEFINITELY checking into this brand!! Thank you VERY much!!

Mrs. U

homeschoolingmommaof4 said...

I've never thought about this I'll have to look into it. Thanks for sharing.

stacy said...

Hi Mrs. U. I am so excited that you are so excited. I got mine from Azure Standard. If you aren't familiar with Azure, they are a wonderful coop type distributor. You can find them on the web and see if they deliver where you are at. They key to getting thick yogurt is to add the powdered milk while heating on the stove and incubate for enough time, usually 4-5 hours.

Alexandra said...

This is a great way to save! We save on bread by making our own, and if we ever start eating a lot of yogurt, we'll definitely do this.

Robin said...

I'm intrigued by the idea of making my own yogurt. How do you sweeten or flavor?

stacy said...

Thanks for stopping by alexandra.

Hi Robin. We just put honey on it and sometimes add fruit and or granola when it is time to serve, but I think their are ways to flavor it while making it. I just haven't investigated into that.