Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sharing Meals With Friends

This will be a Works For Me Wednesday post. I have not done one yet and feel like probably no one will read it as I will be like the 8 thousanth contributor.

What works for me is sharing cooking with friends. Two other friends and I rotate cooking on Thursdays (usually). When it is my week to cook, I cook three of the exact same meals and deliver one to each of my friends. When it is not my week to cook, I recieve a home cooked meal that I did not have to cook!!! (Or have to give birth to recieve). We use to do it three times a week, each of us taking a specific day. Our families have grown and found it easier to do it once a week. It is fun to try new recipes and I found that it made us not desire to go out to eat. The yummy meals where coming to us!!!

Friends that like to cook for eachother works for me!!! See more Works For Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer.


Mrs. Pear said...

This is a great idea!

I hope once we finally move that I will be able to find a couple friends to do this with!

For now I just prepare the extra meals and put them in the freezer.... said...

I do this with friends and LOVE it.

I loved your getting meals without giving birth comment. Good one!

Susie P. said...

So glad I get to do this with you, is truly a treat for me every week....even on the weeks that I get to cook. I love it and can't imagine my week without it! Say what are we having tomorrow :)??

Rebecca said...

I only wish my hero were willing to eat other people's cooking. But on the plus side, he is willing to cook for us himself. (I almost said he was willing to cook himself, but that's not quite correct.)

On the rare occasion we do a swap with the neighbor, said hero always feels somehow cheated that we didn't get to actually eat with them.

Oh well.

Emily said...

What a fun idea! I can see doing that with some of my friends.

You know, even if you're the 8 thousandth post, people still read your tip. :) I skip around and read the ones that sound interesting, even if they're at the tail end of the links. So thank you for posting yours!

Lisa said...

I love the title of your blog- very creative and meaningful. I also love this tip! I might just have to do this! :) Thanks for sharing!