Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have tried to be modest since I became a Christian and got married to my husband. (Marriage followed shortly after surrendering my life to Christ.) I can't always say that I have been. The biggest reason that I have not always been modest is that I just don't think like a man. Some things that seem comfortable to me are stumbling blocks for a man trying to keep his way pure. When my husband has pointed such things out, I have to admit of a reluctant attitude because what I was wearing was comfortable or because I felt "cute" in it. But, the truth is, there are so many modest alternatives out there that it just should not be a big deal. Especially because I want to be considerate of others. To give us a better perspective, I think it helps to hear how a man might struggle with these things.
This past Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, pastor C.J. Mahaney addressed this issue on Family Life in a series called The Soul of Modesty. It was eye opening. Also, a good friend of mine sent me this link to Rebelution survey about modesty that was also very informing. I encourage ladies to check it out.

One thing I never thought of was that it is a stumbling block for men when women wear straps from their purses across their body and the strap falls between their chest and accentuates their feminine body parts. See, God made men different. (Hallelujah!)

This is one of those things you can look past and get over, but it will, if only for an instant, draw bad attention. It kinda runs along the lines of, 'Light bulb! There's a chest. Alright, get over it, you idiot. She's just wearing a bag with a strap.' At which point you get over it, but often feel a little embarrassed, especially with girls you know because you realise that you've just noticed/thought about their chest. If they, or someone else asked you about it - and you were honest - you'd have to admit that.
-From a participant in the Rebelution Survey

Oh, and if you think modesty can't be fashionable, please check out Rebecca's blog at The Space Between My Peers.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the mention!

I want to do more with that modesty survey. Hmmm.

stacy said...

I hope you do more with that modesty survey. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Stacy~ you made me think twice now about wearing my purse this way! Thank you
This is Kristine from Cubbies,
Rebecca gave me you blog addy so I thought I would check it out. I like what you have, I am new to blogging and Rebecca has been very helpful!
Stop by my place if you like.
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I also intened to tell you, I added your link to my blog under blogging friends.

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Hi Kristine! Thanks for visiting. I visited your blog and you do not look like you are new to blogging! Thanks for adding me to your links. I'm going to add you to mine!