Friday, June 01, 2007

Another Good Reason to Keep Your Home Chemically Free

I was getting ready yesterday and came very close to actually spraying my hair with Oust! I usually don't keep such strong deodorizers in the home, but when I had "all day sickness" the certain smell of certain things (namely certain shoes and slippers) made me take some radical action. I Ousted it! So then a couple of weeks ago I was in a certain skit that required Aqua Net. I don't think I have used aerosol hairspray since the '80's (for good reason...if you saw the picture I linked to). Well now both cans of household chemicals reside in my bathroom (appropriate place). When I needed a little coif control yesterday I grabbed what I thought was the Aqua Net and thankfully my eyesight hasn't deteriorated anymore than it already has, realized right before applying pressure to said canister that it was the Oust! I guess it wasn't that severe of a problem, my hair would have smelled about the same as with the Aqua Net. I guess really I just thought it would be fun to blog about and give me an excuse to link to my beautiful Vanna-esque picture. Thanks for indulging me here.


Rebecca said...

lol I got a kick out of this one. When I was in nursing school I was so tired one morning I nearly used Lysol instead of Secret as my deoderant!

stacy said...

See, aerosols are not just bad for the environment :).